“You Complete Me”

I saw it on a piece of paper
Inside a clear mini bottle
Given by YOU who really (mattered) matter
Those three words written that (made) makes MY HEART flatter.

‘You Complete Me”
How could YOU be so sure before?
We’re just like sixteen to seventeen years old.

And that three words nine years ago, was so untrue
Coz it was written by YOU who’s gone out of the blue
Like the flames had burned them into ashes
Like the candle had melted them into wax.

“You complete Me”
How could you make me believe???
How could you say that and leave???
And that will make myself hate me!!!!!
Coz, I’m still lingering with that three

to be continued………….


“At the Beginning”


I think I’m overreacting having my first post 🙂
I never planned to use this as a formal blog site of mine. I’d just like to write about those things I cannot express or share with my friends and loved ones. I’m a kinda introvert yet straightforward person. Introvert; keeping my real self on my own. Straightforward; saying what I feel about a person directly..ALOUD.. even that pisses him/her off.

Well, this looks fun for me. Looking forward how it goes with me.

Good luck to me!!!!!!!!!!!